Question your PR. Get better results.

Interrogative challenges expectations, questions assumptions, and helps communications teams that are even performing at their peak find faster, more cost-efficient ways to improve the likelihood and scope of their success.

We don’t want to be your PR agency. Our standard engagement is 90-days during which we embed in your everyday workflow. We get to work immediately, effecting change and making a difference, hands-on and in real-time, starting with the next scheduled meeting or document to review.

We have worked with some of the world’s largest B2B and B2C brands and have always been the voice in the room unafraid to call things as they are and speak truth to power.

Think of us as a fuel additive to turbocharge your efforts, a must-have PR plug-in, or an expert riding shotgun to help explain and promote your work to your internal stakeholders.

Examples of what we do:

Thought-Leadership — We come up with topics and corporate voices that break through the clutter of me-too owned and paid content generated by in-house or agency processes.

Publicity — We are brave enough to just say no to bland corporate messaging and instead refocus pitches on stories that matter to reporters (who are customers, not messengers).

Executive Expectations — We help communicators manage the expectations of senior executives, and unlock new opportunities to help them help you succeed.

Planning — Our independence lets us “zero-sum” plans and reassemble them against specific goals. This usually results is more reliable and cost-effective planning.

Employee Communications — Employees are customers, too, and we help reimagine and deliver content that’s driven by persuasion and not policy.

Crises — When circumstances change, communicators need to think outside the box for smart, quick, and effective answers. Why only look inside the box for that counsel?